The Porsche Panamera is a 4 door, 4 seated luxury car which users from all parts of the world have accepted in a very high mood. The car has managed to be a big hit in several parts of the world. It is a moderate sized machine, which is primarily focussed on providing the necessary luxury to the users. It is not for nothing that users from all parts of the world tend to rate the car as a dream machine. The internal comfort of the machine cannot be expressed by mere words. The car has a good engine capacity and can manage to run extremely smoothly. Users would hardly feel any vibration while riding the machine. The excellent suspension of the car stands out as a great positive. The car is charming to look at and is a pleasure to drive. This is a dream car: drive it down the roads of Italy with the high luxury car hire services by Power Service.

Technical Features
Seats Cylinders CV CC
4 V8 400 4.8