A unique fusion of ancient, historical sites, masterful artistic wonders, and lively modern life, Italy’s capital city is one of the world’s crown jewels. At one time referred to as caput mundi (World Capital), due to its influence as a major world power in ancient times, Rome continues to steal the hearts of millions around the world. Attracting 12.6 million tourists in 2013, it is the rich culture and unparalleled history of the city that compels so many to come and explore the streets, museums, ruins, and local establishments.
Boasting 280 fountains and more than 900 churches in 35 districts – each distinctive with their own culture, culinary flavors, and stunning architecture – Rome is teeming with intriguing experiences and activities to enjoy. From visiting iconic locales such as the Colosseum – one of the World’s seven wonders – the Pantheon, or the Roman Forum, to simply enjoying an aperitif at one of the city’s charming bistros, bars, or trattorias, visitors will find themselves in awe and inspired by the culture and vibrancy of Rome.