Lamborghini is calling the Huracán “a new dimension in luxury super sports cars,” that “combines absolute performance with easy-to-drive road behavior.” We may look upon the days of the hairy, take-no-prisoners, don’t-eff-up-that-corner hero cars of Lamborghini’s past with nostalgia—and quietly be relieved that those days indeed are in the past—but we’re still getting used to hearing such boasts from Sant’Agata. The youngest kid on the supercar block is the Lamborghini Huracan (or technically the Huracán LP 610-4), and this raging bull from Sant’Agata Bolognese replaces the late, great Gallardo. The outgoing model served Lamborghini very well, selling an un-supercar like 14,022 examples over the course of a decade.This Lamborghini’s model name is the Spanish word for “hurricane,” but the Huracan is, like countless Lambos before it, named after a fearsome fighting bull. This time around, the bovine in question comes from the Spanish Conte de la Patilla breed which, according to Lamborghini, fought in Alicante in August, 1879, and was known for his “outstanding courage and strong sense of attack.”
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Technical Features
Seats Cylinders CV CC
2 V10 610 5.2