Ferrari FF like Ferrari Four. As the four-wheel drive that push. As the four comfortable seats that accommodate the pilot and passengers. A “revolution” in the supercar world! It is the first V12-wheel drive with electronic rear differential, the E-Diff, unique and patented by Ferrari, integrated with the latest evolution of the F1-Trac traction control invented by the track. It is the first and only V12 in the world with F1 gearbox double clutch seven-speed, with a power that is growing by 20% and that consumption fell by 25%. For absolute comfort that guarantees to four people, with wrap- around seating and interiors ever reached by car in its class, even for transporting luggage. For architecture: a genuine sportscar for driving dynamics, braking, suspension, and for the best power to weight ratio ever achieved, thanks to the fact that the four wheel drive system weighs half of a four-wheel drive traditional. The V12 engine is completely new, direct-injection, from 6262 cm3 in mid-front position is capable of exceptional performance and an elasticity of march at all engine speeds never before achieved: 660 hp at 8000 rev / min, a specific output of 105 hp / liter, a power to weight ratio of 2.7 kg / hp.

Technical Features
Seats Cylinders CV CC
4 V12 660 6.2