Combining winning attributes like a mid-engine chassis layout, rear-wheel drive, ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber construction, and looks that border on sexual, the 4C is properly exotic and oh-so Italian. The 4C’s styling is carried over from the concept seemingly untouched, and the car’s footprint is equally tiny. Alfa says the 4C stretches roughly 157.5 inches (slightly more than 13 feet) from nose to tail; the 4C is wide for its size, spanning 78.7 inches, and its roof sits a stunningly short 46.5 inches above the ground. When the 4C concept was unveiled, the Italian marque claimed a curb weight of less than 1870 pounds through the extensive use of carbon fiber in a structural capacity. Now that the car’s heading into production, Alfa may not be too far off its target weight, as the roadgoing 4C features a chassis made entirely of carbon fiber that serves a “structural function” as well.

Technical Features
Seats Cylinders CV CC
2 L4 250 1.75